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Cumin Seed - Whole

Product Information
Product : Cumin Seed - Whole
Latin : Cuminum cyminum
Constituents/Plant Part : Seed
Country of Origin : Turkey

Physical Description
Appearance : Green/brown coloured seed with white ridges at edge
Texture : Brittle
Flavour : Typical
Odour : Characteristically spicy
Volatile Oil : %2
Moisture : %9.2
Ash : %6.7
Foreign Matter: %1

Microbiological Analysis
Products are subject to routine microbiological analysis. Certificates of analysis are available on request.

Micro Tested : .
TVC : 1.00E+07
E Coli : No Growth
Salmonella : Negative in 25g
Yeasts : 1.00E+05
Moulds : 1.00E+05
Staph Aureus : No Growth
Enterobacteriacae : 1.00E+05

Metal Detection
Products are subject to routine metal detection
Metal Detector Sensitivity Fe 3.5mm, Non Fe 5.5mm, S/S 5.0mm

White polypropylene sack or jute
All bags are clearly identified to show contents, weight, batch/lot number

Typical Nutritional Information Per 100g
Energy (kcal) : 375
Carbohydrate (g) : 44
Fat (g) : 22
Of which saturates (g) : 1.5
Protein (g) : 18
Fibre (g) : 11
Sodium (mg) : 168

Recommended Shelf Life
Recommended Shelf Life From Date of Sale : 3 years
Recommended Storage: Protect from exposure to pests and extremes of moisture, light and temperature.
Optimal: Temperature, light and humidity controlled. Stored so as to allow free air flow around product.
Free From Declaration
This product is free from the following :

Gluten, wheat or wheat derivatives.
Maize or maize derivatives.
Soya or soya derivatives.
Artificial colours and artificial flavourings.
Added natural colours and natural flavourings.
Added salt and added sugars.

GMO Declaration
This product is not genetically modified nor does it contain genetically modified processing agents.

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