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Pure Cumin Oil

Product Information
Product : Pure Cumin Oil
Latin : Cuminum cyminum L.
Constituents/Plant Part : Seed
Country of Origin : Turkey

Physical Description
Appearance : Dark colour liquid with the characteristic odour and flavour of Cumin
Flavour : Typical flavour of cumin
Odour : Characteristically spicy
Volatile Oil content: 30-35 ml / 100g
Residual solvent: Absent
Solubility: Soluble in vegetable oil
Equivalence: 1 Kg of Pure Cumin Oil is of equal value to 15-20 Kg of seeds
Preparation : Obtained by cold press
Further Treatment : None apart from screw

Microbiological Analysis
Products are subject to microbiological analysis. Certificates of analysis are available on request.
Standard Packing: Steel drums of 24 Kg net weight
All drums are clearly identified to show contents, weight, batch/lot number

Recommended Shelf Life
Recommended Storage: In tight full containers in cool, dark and dry place
Recommended Shelf Life From Date of Production : 2 years
Free From Declaration
This product is free from the following :
Artificial colours and artificial flavourings.
Nuts and their derivatives including cold pressed nut derived oils.
Seeds and their derivatives including cold pressed seed derived oils.

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